Costandino Vaindirlis

WITS University School of Architecture


Brooklyn circle is in essence a public open space, yet it is severely dominated by the motor vehicle. My design proposal was to ‘simply’ sink the road networks below ground level and thus freeing up the area to be a true open pedestrian public space, echoing what was once the iconic church square in Pretoria. The sunken road level could now be designed more efficiently to allow greater traffic flow and to create direct access to the parking basements of the adjacent buildings. Subterranean bus stops puncture up into the public space as cleanly articulated architectural elements. A grand taxi rank is created in the basement of Cherry Lane shopping centre accommodating the masses of taxi commuters. The public space itself acts as a new park for the area which accommodates new public ablutions, an amphitheatre and a community vegetable garden near the day clinic. The geometry of the circle itself is the focal point of the space yet it is inverted to act as a void to the road network below.

Click the image below to view a larger version of the winning design.