Yvonne Bruinette

University of Pretoria


This ionic intersection called for a catalytic intervention that is experiential, entertaining and exuberant whilst still being a dynamic and functional public platform that is deeply humane. Inspired by the analogy of a circus as both a cultural and economic force, "Circus on Main" propose to reconnect the site with its urban context, but more importantly to reconnect its users from a bottom up approach. Access, vulnerability, sustainability, scale differences and future connections was some of the main concerns during conceptualization & planning, yet the circus structure proofed to be more resourceful than expected. Considering the nomadic lifestyle of the current informal traders, an interchangeable structure is proposed to allow for flexibility and adaptation to both use and user with the informal on ground floor and more formalized cultural performances on higher levels. In essence, the site should be resilient, not only adapting but thriving on change, celebrating both the temporary and the permanence of our cultural and economic context.

Click the image below to view a larger version of the winning design.